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Bee Facts

Hissy's family and her friends are fascinating creatures. Keep reading for fun facts about honey bees.  Isn't God's creation amazing?

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The Waggle Dance

Did you know that honey bees communicate with each other by dancing?

Their dance is known as the waggle dance and is performed when they return to the hive after a successful foraging trip.  The amazing honey bees head straight to the brood comb, otherwise known as their stage. The audience is made up of other honey bees waiting to go on their own foraging trips.  Thankfully the returning bees are happy to share what they learned and do so by dancing!

If a bee waggles while moving straight upwards they are telling its friends to go straight toward the sun. If the bee waggles diagonally, this means the food source is located to the right.

Now you try!  Can you tell your friends which way the food is by performing your own waggle dance? Hissy will join you!

Hungry Honey Bees

Did you know that honey bees eat chocolate?

Primarily honey bees eat nectar that they find from flowers, but when bees are having trouble finding nectar, beekeepers help them out.  Here is a list of the kinds of treats they enjoy.







Sugar syrup

Which one of these do you think is Hissy's favorite alternative snack?  Which one is yours?

Bee on a Daisy
Image by Vengadesh Sago

What's the Buzz?

Did you know that bees make a buzzing sound with their wings?

Honey bees make a buzzing sound by rapidly beating their wings. They flap their wings 200 times per second which creates vibrations in the air that makes that familiar buzzing sound.

Hissy loves to buzz around town.  What does your buzz sound like?  Can you flap your "wings" and buzz around the room?

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